Head Hunting

Knet Human Resources has an effective activity of Head Hunting focused on finding highly qualified staff with the aim to identify talents of excellence for the development of the business of our customer through a specific scouting activities carried on strategic profiles operating in target companies.

KNET Human Resources for the performance of head hunting uses specialized consultants with a strong know -how and a relational assets that provides access to a wide network made up of professional stars of various sectors.

These Headhunter lead an efficient and dynamic business intelligence using a method of research -oriented high-profile figures, related to the ” executive ” of the company and, given the current needs of the market, this activity is also involving different figures middle management.

Modus operandi

Definition of the target list of companies competitors, or of interest, indicated by the client on which initiate investigations related to a specific professional figure sought.

Sharing of the professional skills of detail sought.

Meticulous investigation of these companies target organizational structures with verification of the contents of the roles, responsibilities and other perimeters of professional interest.

Identifying the profiles that meet the required presentation and the latter the opportunity to work.

Since the potential “candidates” are not necessarily looking for a new job, the job of the Headhunter is also to understand how and what to bring to obtain the interest of the person presenting the opportunity in the most attractive.

It follows that, in addition to the search and selection of qualified figures, the Headhunter often deals also part of the contract negotiation.


Our presence throughout the Italian territory and our international network and the network of contacts established over time allows us a real monitoring of the labor market and this results in high capacity easily find the suitable candidates.

Timing and warranty

The activity of Head Hunting requires a time commitment estimated at 6-8 weeks.


Guarantees for the customer:

The activity of Head Hunting ends only when the customer believes the candidate identified entirely meets your expectations.

We guarantee inclusion for the entire trial period.

It provides for the replacement of the resource included at no extra charge if not exceeding the trial period.

Integration services activities Head Hunting

In order to make an efficient work of head hunting, our Headhunter place and will share the service best suited to be implemented according to the target company / and hit and output to be obtained.


Specifically, we support our customer through three types of services:

Company & Function Mapping

With this service Mapping / Scouting we support our clients to conduct an activity of benchmarks that allow them to learn about organizations, functions, skills, roles and ways of managing human resources in a given area in detail.


This activity, appropriately customized to the specific needs of each customer, it can be useful to achieve different objectives:

Detailed organizational analysis competitors

Compensation surveys targeted

Finding Resources / Roles used to market and / or functional area

Talent scouting

Direct Search on Job Profile

This service includes, as a result of a share with the customer on the professional and sophisticated companies target audience, our Macro Mapping a market designed to provide early indications of maximum client company in order to understand what activity is more suited to make and if companies are actually those potential targets identified.

Following this alignment is then shared with the customer the retail skills of the figure sought and then the task is started headhunting profiles online in operating companies been actually target.

Combined Search

When we feel that it useful to give visibility to the research, we integrate direct hunting soliciting nominations through diversified sources of sourcing ( online advertising, social / professional network ) etc… all in the maximum anonymity.

In this mode, we activate our two parallel services headhunting and the search and selection of staff, in order to achieve the ultimate goal of our client.

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