People training & personal coaching

KNET Human Resources promotes and manages the process of Empowerment (People training) and personal coaching with the following purposes:

Support and completion activity of Assessment.

Projects for the development of human enterprise.


To keep up with the change, to be efficient and competitive, customer loyalty, in every organization must be maximized, the commitment, knowledge and skills of all employees, enhancing it.

Empowerment and Personal Coaching today are considered the management tools that allow you to empower staff at all levels, to stimulate the commitment and motivation; actively involving both operational staff that managers, in the pursuit of success.

Empowerment: people training

KNET Human Resources through empowerment company supports the customer in a gradual release of competence, autonomy and responsibility from top to your organization.

Through this process the organization will benefit from the following advantages:

Motivation and job satisfaction.

Attitude of looking for new solutions and new methodologies.

Understanding the dynamics broader business.

Extraction and production skills.

Developing a sense of belonging and responsibility.

Identification in the company vision and mission.

Sharing of know how at the origin.

Understanding and use of business tools available.


To locate the excellence to smaller levels of detail, you activate dynamics that directly affect the basic executive. Usually, involve those who work every day involves having to listen and gather a large amount of tips and information. Most of these suggestions are the result of partial visions, strictly related to the task and hardly connected to the rest of the context.


These discussions, apparently not very productive, properly coordinated produce positive effects:

People feel heard and raised and thus reduces the limiting preconceptions about the relationship between management and employees.

Awareness of the points of view, difficulties and objectives of the entire organization.

Increased collaboration and active listening.


The guided process, consists of a path of questions organized in people training mode, then guide the discussion towards constructive dynamics and stimulates reflections of the team, still valuing the contribution of all, referring to assessments of feasibility, suitability and compatibility with the values and business processes. The group pulls out the best practices and proceed to their systematization and sharing, defining the strategic value and social integration of certain activities and placing them in larger contexts ” company and the market.” Each participant track also borders the mission entering into the merits of individual responsibility and personal connections with other business functions. The group then defines its commitments or objectives and, if practical, carry out an eventual planning of activities.

Personal Coaching

KNET Human Resources conducts activities Personal Coaching of selected corporate resources, in order to stimulate reflection, indeed, through appropriate questions, designed to identify ” how ” to achieve the result.


These questions are posed with the following purposes:

Explore concepts, specify the contours or analyze them from other angles.

Extend the discussion to alternatives.

Assess in advance the difficulties that must be overcome and the way in which it is more appropriate to do so.


Ask questions and stimulate thought in these directions allows you to explore in a thorough and detailed every aspect it is rational and emotionally. During this process the coach arises, in fact, in a listening position and perceptivity with the objective to facilitate the exploration and complete examination of all aspects useful to achieve the result.

Define a goal.

Verify the actual compatibility with the system of beliefs, values and personal beliefs and business.

Proceed to a gradual alignment.

Search for the inner resources and strengthen them.

Develop determination and conviction of self-efficacy.

Stimulate and promote the right internal representations.

Facilitate learning and acquiring new skills.

Plan activities and systems for verifying the results.

Evaluate alternatives.

Identifying hazards.

Renew the reasons and make them persistent and lasting.


The HR Consulting Services in support of our customer:


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